shannon’s one shot

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I shifted in his muscular arms. God begins to paint his watercolors on his canvas, the sky as I awaken.  Crashing against the shore, small waves continually wash over the damp sand. The untouched white sand covers the private beach as far as the eye can see. A gently breeze rustles through my wavy hair. We are the only ones here on this seemingly abandoned beach, our own paradise. Harry awakens, not saying a single word, because there are none. Mother Nature shows us how she prepares for the day, beauty surrounds us. I can taste the salt in the air, so strong. It is home. There is nothing more beautiful than how, no matter what, the waves will come crashing back to kiss the sand. That was the love Harry and I shared. We fought and left each other, only to come begging for each other back. I sit in the sand, shifting my toes and playing with the sand, letting it slide down my skin. I smile to myself, because I know that this is where I am meant to be. I am surrounded by water, and in Harry’s arms. The seagulls cry, yearning for the sun to rise. Then, there is silence once again. Harry kisses my forehead and wraps his arms closer around me; I am safe and sound. I am happy here, with him. The winds blows, signaling a sea breeze coming in. I lick my lips, enjoying the taste of salt on the air. Harry does the same. We don’t speak for a long time. 

Finally, Harry speaks. His deep voice, low and coarse, echoes across the vast, empty stretch of beach, “Shannon.” That is all he says. I love it, to hear his voice speak my name. I look up at him, staring into his piercing green eyes. When Harry looked in my direction, I could tell that he not only saw my body, but also my soul. I speak quietly, “Harold.” His lips curl up slightly, and I notice. I always do. His dimple deepens, one of my favorite things in the world is watching that. He turns my head back to the vast ocean. The sun peeks over the horizon, brightening the day. It rises slowly out of its ocean bed, greeting the new day with strengthening rays and heat. The heat tickles us, making us stand and stretch. I feel ready to face whatever comes ahead as Harry leans down for a passionate kiss, that I return with pleasure. I crave him, need him. We are together; we are one. Harry Styles is mine, and I am his.

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